Friday, December 21, 2012

Another lap stand

I can see how much I've neglected this blog.  I just received another EZ Stitch Lap Stand this week and tonight the longer set of rods, extender bar, and side bars arrived.  So now it looks exactly like the picture.  I absolutely love this stand, it's so comfortable to work on and since I wanted to rotate a couple of cross stitch projects I bought the second one.  I also love the fact that it's made in America.  I will admit I got a terrific deal on this one. $2.00 less than the first and free shipping to boot, although, adding in the extras I ordered directly through the company online there's more into it than the $65.00 for the lap stand.  Still, it was a good bargain.  My Christmas present to myself, along with a few other smaller items I've picked up.

Now there's no reason for me to not be stitching once more.  Just need to get over the game addiction that has grabbed onto me lately.

E-Z Stitch Lap Stand - No basting