Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday stitching

Latest finish as of last night, which only took me a few days to stitch up but really like how it turned out. My camera rarely gets the color of the material right and this is no exception. It should look more like a light tan not greyish or off-white.

Next up will be one of the below patterns, not sure which I'll go with first.  Maybe the Merry Christmas one. I'm thinking green and red, then possibly something sparkly for the hearts, which would look more like snow. Have a light blue 14 ct Aida ready to go.  All of these here are freebies you can find out there. Mine were located through Pinterest.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Why Not! progress 11-4-2013

Latest on this one, and now to get back to it today. Need another finish, but this will not happen in one day. :) And I would love it if I could turn the flash off on my camera but I guess there isn't a way to do that. I checked the book and nothing there on it. Ah, just found where I can decrease the brightness, but that didn't seem to do much either.

Halloween progress

Yes, that holiday is past us now, but I'm not done stitching Halloween stuff.  Latest finishes as of last night. Freebies from Michaela Learner at Cross Stitching Guild  a facebook group. She's also working on the 4 seasons freebies and has 2 done, so I'm going to wait for the other two and eventually I may try doing the all on one piece of fabric with a boarder between them. Sounds interesting, but will wait to see what I end up deciding, and when I can get to them. Many projects waiting in the wings to get started and finished yet.

Now to get back to Why Not! my other Halloween project to be finished and hopefully that will be soon. I have a Christmas one I want to start, but need to grid the fabric first, which can be time consuming but well worth it in the end. Love working with grids!