Saturday, June 29, 2013

Can I rotate?

I've never done rotation in my cross stitch so not sure how to set it up.  I know it's a personal choice as to which way you decide to go, but I'm feeling a bit lost, although I really want to start.  I picked up Bow Ties/Country Pumpkin last night and started that thinking it might be a fairly fast one.  Didn't work so well as my cat wanted to be on my lap and I couldn't refuse her.  I don't know how long I'll have her so cannot deny her any and all attention she wants from me.

I'm not sure if I want to keep this project or give it away.  Only stitched two things that I gave as presents, but I'll decide for sure once it's finished.

A bit cooler out today and I have house stuff I need to get done. Maybe get back to the stitching sometime this afternoon. And for short breaks I'll be popping into the CrossStitchForum.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wizard of Fire & Tada!

I've been thinking about rotating lately, but have never done it. I do this.  Start a project then put it away.  I haven't had this, Wizard of Fire, out in probably about 4+ years.  Sad, since I have so much done on it and really love how it was turning out.  Still much to do on it, so with that in mind I think I need to get back to it if only a bit at a time.  Might mean Sleep Hollow gets put on hold, although, I'm itching to begin that one.  I could always try rotating 3 projects I guess, but don't want to bite off more than I can chew either.  Will have to see how it goes for me, the ultimate procrastinator.

Wizard of Fire

Oh, I haven't said that today I received my 3rd, wait for it, tada!

So, if I get a set of the longer rods I could then add Sleepy Hollow to my list of stitching.  I do have another lap stand I kinda like, but not as much as this one, I could set it up on that one.  Actually, had plans for the smaller length rods this time so will see which way the wind blows for me.

More "Latte"

Finally more progress on "A Whole Lotta Latte" by Dimensions.  Need to finish the inside of the cup, the steam coming out of the rim and then the handle (looks like a bit more on the saucer too).  Once I get there that will make three more cups and saucers to go. Each one gets larger. When they are done I'll do the back stitching - love the way that makes projects pop.

Can't wait to finish this and see it on my kitchen wall above the bar.  The black is going to be a great contrast to the light paint.