Friday, December 21, 2012

Another lap stand

I can see how much I've neglected this blog.  I just received another EZ Stitch Lap Stand this week and tonight the longer set of rods, extender bar, and side bars arrived.  So now it looks exactly like the picture.  I absolutely love this stand, it's so comfortable to work on and since I wanted to rotate a couple of cross stitch projects I bought the second one.  I also love the fact that it's made in America.  I will admit I got a terrific deal on this one. $2.00 less than the first and free shipping to boot, although, adding in the extras I ordered directly through the company online there's more into it than the $65.00 for the lap stand.  Still, it was a good bargain.  My Christmas present to myself, along with a few other smaller items I've picked up.

Now there's no reason for me to not be stitching once more.  Just need to get over the game addiction that has grabbed onto me lately.

E-Z Stitch Lap Stand - No basting

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Whole Lotta Latte

Cross stitch kit

This is my new cross stitch kit I received in the mail yesterday.  I love the vivid colors and can't wait to start working on it.  I don't rotate right now but I may decide to and this one will definitely be in the rotation.  The price on this from was better than other places and I've had very good service with them.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time to Stitch Again

Took me a bit but I finally found a good site that listed the colors, gave the DMC number and lined each one up with the symbol on the pattern.  I came as close as I could with what I had on hand and am not going to quibble about any slight differences at this point.  My goal was to work at getting back into this lovely craft and since I'm keeping Blue Santa for myself I don't care if there inconsistencies.  I just need to start stitching again.

Have some beautiful kits I'd like to get into but I do have a few that have not been finished yet, so those should probably come first.

I also have a few, or more, kits I've found that I really, really want to get.  Pay bills first then see how much I have to spend, as long as I keep it reasonable.  Christmas isn't all that far away and I'm always aware of how fast it sneaks up on us.

Friday, July 27, 2012


The Blue Santa Portrait cross stitch came to a halt.  They didn't send the right amount of floss colors  In fact, missing quite a few but didn't realize it until I had stitched a bit.  Not going to rip out what I have though.  There's a fix online but they still are not listing all the colors.  One way or another I'll figure this out, then get back to working on it.  Until then I want to get all the floss marked properly so I won't have to stop and second guess what should go with what symbol.  My shading might be a bit off but since I'm keeping this for myself I don't care.

I did think about working on something else but then I decided not to go that route.  I wanted to do this one because it's fairly easy and that's what I want to work with while I give myself some time and stitching to get back into the cross stitch groove.  I have a couple of projects that are well past half done but they also have a bit more work in stitching so something more simple and easy is best for now.  When I know I feel more comfortable with those I'll get to work and finish them.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Stitching with ease

I'm not sure what my project will be after Blue Santa is finish.  I do have a few in the works which have been sitting around for so long and really need to be worked on.  While I love Santa I have a soft spot for fantasy and much of my kits are just that.

I've been shopping online for a bit this summer, well most of it just this month and don't care to say how much I've spent.  I didn't buy this at their site, but at at a much, much lower price.  I do love the fact that it's made in America, at least I hope that isn't a smoke screen since it's not easy these days to find items made right here.  So far I do like stitching on it.
E-Z Stitch Lap Stand - No basting
I've also been picking up lots of kits, many in the fantasy section, but still checking sites against each other for the best prices.  There are a few more I'd love to get but I think I'll wait until next month before spending anymore money.  I've also picked up a few accessories and hope to not only enjoy having them but that they will be helpful in stitching.

Well, I have some more orders out so will wait with anticipation for those to arrive. :)

Project #2 - Blue Santa

Blue Santa is my new project started yesterday.  Didn't get too far with it and had to do some frogging right away. Not fun!  Still not into anything too difficult here, but a few more colors than the previous, although not a lot.  This one I ordered and it came as a kit, although when I checked I found it's only bought as a pattern.  So someone decided to make it into a kit, but forgot about six colors.  Still not a problem since I can use colors I have on hand.
I love Santa and have a lot of figurines, but more the original looking ones.  Not really into the cartoonish, bike riding, or other type of riding that doesn't equate with my kind of Santa.

A new beginning - First project

I've been away from cross stitching for over 2 years.  Have to say I hadn't done a whole lot before, but I've found that it is the one craft I can do 2 handed for longer than any other one. This was a very simple one to begin all over with.  I picked up the pattern at a yard sale last year and while it did have some floss with it I had to toss it as it was too old and broke easy.  Luckily I checked that before I began stitching.  Since this uses basic colors I didn't have to go buy any for it.  Now I need to find something to hang it with before I hem and wash it.

I didn't pay attention to the date I started but I think it took me around a week and a half.  Long time for this for many out there but I'm hoping to speed up after a while.