Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Update: Hometown Christmas & Thanksgiving

Update: New start on Hometown Christmas from Tilton yesterday. 1 over 1 full cross stitch on 25ct. Very long way to go, if my eyes can hold out on this fabric count.

Hometown Christmas - full coverage

Also, working on Thanksgiving, a freebie from Tilton. This one is 2 over 1 on 18ct Aida, so will go much faster and it's a much smaller chart.

Thanksgiving - full coverage

I have more on the go but not going to put pictures up yet, will wait until I pull them out again. Never can figure out a good rotation system for myself.  Did 2 scissor fobs and have bought more beads, charms and other goodies for making more. Will put pictures up of those when I get more done. Lots and lots of charts I'd love to do and have in my folders. I doubt I'll ever get to all of them so I think of them as buying art, although there will be some I will get to and hopefully finish so they can find a home on my walls. I'd also like to find some smaller projects to do for Christmas and I'm sure I have patterns in books right here, just need to go through my stash to find those.

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