Friday, July 27, 2012


The Blue Santa Portrait cross stitch came to a halt.  They didn't send the right amount of floss colors  In fact, missing quite a few but didn't realize it until I had stitched a bit.  Not going to rip out what I have though.  There's a fix online but they still are not listing all the colors.  One way or another I'll figure this out, then get back to working on it.  Until then I want to get all the floss marked properly so I won't have to stop and second guess what should go with what symbol.  My shading might be a bit off but since I'm keeping this for myself I don't care.

I did think about working on something else but then I decided not to go that route.  I wanted to do this one because it's fairly easy and that's what I want to work with while I give myself some time and stitching to get back into the cross stitch groove.  I have a couple of projects that are well past half done but they also have a bit more work in stitching so something more simple and easy is best for now.  When I know I feel more comfortable with those I'll get to work and finish them.

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