Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wizard of Fire & Tada!

I've been thinking about rotating lately, but have never done it. I do this.  Start a project then put it away.  I haven't had this, Wizard of Fire, out in probably about 4+ years.  Sad, since I have so much done on it and really love how it was turning out.  Still much to do on it, so with that in mind I think I need to get back to it if only a bit at a time.  Might mean Sleep Hollow gets put on hold, although, I'm itching to begin that one.  I could always try rotating 3 projects I guess, but don't want to bite off more than I can chew either.  Will have to see how it goes for me, the ultimate procrastinator.

Wizard of Fire

Oh, I haven't said that today I received my 3rd, wait for it, tada!

So, if I get a set of the longer rods I could then add Sleepy Hollow to my list of stitching.  I do have another lap stand I kinda like, but not as much as this one, I could set it up on that one.  Actually, had plans for the smaller length rods this time so will see which way the wind blows for me.

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