Friday, July 19, 2013

Craft treasures

My huge find for today and who knows how long. 115 full skeins of DMC floss for $4.00.  Wow. Granted, there are some duplicate colors but that's okay, there's still lots of different colors. Found at The Arm's of Love in Greenville.  Have not been there before but we decided that since there weren't very many yard sales today we'd hit some stores.  It was just chance and spur of the moment my sister and I decided to go into this thrift store.  Not a lot of air moving around for a hot day, but it ended up being well worth it for both of us.  More goodies than this were found but this was the best one for me.

They are having a half off sale again next month so we plan on watching for that!

115 skeins of DMC floss

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