Saturday, July 6, 2013

Red Dragon

Started this yesterday.  Not sure if I've done this many stitches in one day before.  Now to decide what little saying I want to put next to him when he's finished, which I'm hoping for today.  I'm using Prism in a red.  Haven't done any of this floss before and I'm kinda liking that I don't have to change colors.  The pattern was found on a site and had been taken from a 1900 magazine, which I believe was originally done in fillet crochet.  It's just a black symbol on white squares so the color choice is up to the crafter.  I decided to go with a green background since I didn't want anything light colored and I already have the "Latte" I'm working up on black. This color gives my eyes a break from very dark to very light material.

Not a lot of body but I think I'm going to like when it's done.  And this may end up being the fastest cross stitch project I've ever done.

Red Dragon

And I think I just came up with a very short poem to go with this.  That didn't take long. :)

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