Thursday, July 18, 2013

Latte coming along

Quite pleased with the progress I made yesterday. Now to see if I can do as well today, although I should get some laundry done also - getting pretty low on clothes.  Third cup on the cross stitch is working up really well and fast.  Would love to have at least that part done by tonight even if I don't make it to the saucer.  There's always the weekend. 

That said, I have every day to stitch to my hearts content, so days don't mean much to me, other than tomorrow I'm going to garage sales with my sister, so won't be stitching until evening.  Would love to find more cross stitch goodies like I did last week, but those don't happen often and that was two estate sales rolled into one.  Possible that I missed some things but there was too much and a lot was not sorted the way it should have been.

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