Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Price gouging?

I'm looking at Dimensions Balloon Glow with the vivid colors and while I know it would be a lot of work I just think it's gorgeous.  I know I would never get into one to take a ride but I love this cross stitch kit.

Herrschners has 40% off but it would still come to $37.24. Now, it would be a good deal if you could subtract the shipping charges of $11.45 from this price.  Amazon Prime has it for $23.70. With my Prime I don't pay shipping and I always receive my purchase in 2 days, with no extra cost. I realize I paid for the Prime, but I order many items through Amazon and wish I had signed up for it a year, or even two years ago.  I feel that in the long run I'm still ahead of the game by ordering through my Prime.  I also think that high a price for shipping is not right.  This item would not weigh that much to charge this amount.

But that's me and others might disagree, which is their right to do so. Still, I have yet to find anything at Herrschners that I want to buy at their prices.

Dimensions Balloon Glow

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